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Welcome to the edge of Great Salt Lake, Utah, North America.

Part of your experience of the lake is how, when, and where you encounter its waters and inhabitants. 

Part of the lake is marked by tar seeps: pools of raw oil that seep up from tectonic fractures and spread across the earth like sticky flypaper. Tar seeps are nicknamed "death traps" and preserve a historical record of the lake's life. As the lake retreats from drought in the climate crisis, more tar seeps emerge. If you visit the tar seeps, please take care. 

For a virtual visit, traverse some images below as "A Day in the Life of the Tar Seeps" (March 2019). 

Gretchen's other visits are spiraling through other media. 

To watch her film and also read about varied visits, please click here.


Thanks to the collaborative stewards of Rozel Point and Great Salt Lake.

(Click to enlarge photographs moving forward in time.)




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